Akayama JuJutsu

´╗┐Based upon Samurai practice, Akayama Jujutsu is a self-defense discipline that combines the art of striking and grappling to defend oneself from all attackers. This exciting program is the only one of it's kind in the Pascagoula area.

Tuesday and Thursday

Crossfit Royal Coast

Kids | 6:30 PM

Adults | 7:30 PM

Jujutsu is available for Kids starting in 1st grade - the focus is on protection and safety at all times.

Sensei Paul teaches respect and discipline while prioritizing fun

Adult Jujutsu delves into a combination of Judo, Floor Grappling, Striking, Takedowns, Chokeholds, and Pins.

This is a great way to get fit and to have fun while learning something new!